Creative Painting Hand-written PU Leather Paper Notebooks

FOB Price:3~3.25USD/Piece. Min.Order Quantity: 2000 Piece/Pieces. Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces Per Month. Port:SHENZHEN

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23*17cm, inner paper:70 sheets

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“I have a happy summer vacation.I stay at home and go to the countryside during the summer vacation.
At home,I do my homework.I watch TV,too.I love English Today.Because I like English very much.I also like “Tell it like it is”.I watch them everyday.Sometimes I play the computer.I can watch MV and learn English on the computer.I often clean my room.
I live in the countryside with my grandpa and my grandma.They are both sixty years old.In the countryside,I can do many interesting thing there.I play with dog.The dog is cute.I like fishing with my fiends.I really feel happy living in the countryside.”And what do you do everyday?You can write down on this books.Show your story!


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