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What Are The Important Functions That A Gift Box Should Have?
- Dec 18, 2018 -

For the consumer, the product is important, but in the same product, it is more willing to choose a gift box with a beautiful appearance, because people do not know the product, the customer first depends on what the eye sees. After confirming whether to buy or not, it is conceivable how high the color is to attract customers, and the packaging is not only novel in design, but also several important functions of the packaging itself.

First, protect goods

From the time of production to the stage of consumption, goods have to undergo time and space conversion, and packaging design plays a role in protecting goods in this process. The packaging uses a reasonable container to protect the packaged items from both physical and chemical protection. Packaging can prevent physical damage such as product vibration, crushing, bumping and abrasion, as well as prevent various chemical reactions and other forms of accidents. Reasonable packaging has the functions of anti-vibration, anti-pressure, tensile, anti-squeezing and anti-wear, and protects the packaging, storage and transportation of goods. Some can also solve the sun, moisture, anti-corrosion, leak-proof and fire-proof problems of the products, and ensure that the goods are intact under all circumstances.

Second, beautify the goods, easy for the public to accept

From conception to finished product design, the packaging of the container is designed with a variety of natural or man-made materials. The aesthetics of the packaging container is conveyed to the sensory system through the color, texture and consciously designed and processed styling image.

Third, convenient circulation and use

Packaging design places great emphasis on human factors, emphasizing humanity and convenience. The design process takes into account various environments, including storage, transportation and use. For example, in terms of use, the design is based on the human-machine relationship in ergonomics, and people feel that all aspects are convenient.