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Visual Impressions Of Jewelry Packaging
- Dec 01, 2017 -

The visual impression of jewelry packaging--refreshing
The weight of the color can also reflect the consumer's psychological feelings, low brightness, hue warm color to people feel heavy, and the same lightness, high purity will give a person a sense of ease, but these relatively cool sense of lightness, it will be slightly worse.
The visual impression of jewelry packaging--Gorgeous
Jewelry packaging is not only material, modelling can highlight the gorgeous feeling of goods, through the color of purity and brightness of higher color classes enhance the gorgeous sense of the product, at the same time, Hue will play a certain role, hue more is gorgeous;
The visual impression of jewelry packaging--Elegance
Color in the jewelry packaging is symbolic and emotional, not only to convey the characteristics of goods, but also to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers, but also the most distinct and most sensitive visual elements of the product. Common elegant colors have black, gray, such as low saturation, more stable color.