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Production Of Packaging Cartons
- Dec 17, 2018 -

The leather box is full of precious and high-end luxury with its suede and fine touch. However, because of the high quality of the material, the paper packaging box has a high price. In the market where more and more packaging is needed now, some complicated and elegant paper packaging boxes are increasingly being consumed by thousands of merchants and consumers. Reception.

At the beginning, there are quite a few varieties of paper, and it is necessary to choose a high-quality material in the paper. The common wrapping paper for wine gift boxes is corrugated paper, but corrugated paper has good results in terms of weight bearing, but it does not show high temperament in terms of elegance and touch, and it cannot express the high level of products. It is to use corrugated paper as a packaging carton for some medium and low real wines. In order to show a high-quality surface, some high-alcoholic products will adopt special paper and cardboard as materials. For example, 157 grams of coated paper plus gray board paper. As a group, the group looks rich, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

In addition to the choice of materials, a high-quality printing process is also required. The paper wine packaging box is superficially treated with light film, which looks bright and bright, colorful and can be used for long periods of time without discoloration.

Then there is the setting of the wine box carton color picking and pattern. The temperament of the wine box is also very tense. Nowadays, the violent and colorful society adopts the classic black and gray as the main color, which can give people a feeling of low-key atmosphere, and can highlight the inner of the product, and it is suitable for the future market. Most of them are aesthetics.

The method of fine packaging of the wine packaging box has a plug-in inner support capable of solid product, which not only facilitates the visualization of the product, but also protects the product.