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Packaging Products Developed To Green Packaging
- Dec 01, 2017 -

In color printing, how to arrange the overprint sequence of color is an important subject in the process and technical personnel, an important function of printing is to reproduce the manuscript artistically, which requires the printing workers to have some artistic appreciation and to master the expressive ability of the color change, and the improper color sequence arrangement may cause the print to produce the color deviation, Process color and inverse overprinter and other faults; the color sequence arrangement science, will make the print color closer to the manuscript, even strengthens some kind of color atmosphere, causes the level to be clear, the dot clear, the overprint accurate, the color is true, the nature, the coordination.
With the rapid development of the book market, improving the quality of books has become an increasingly concerned issue in the publishing industry. At present, the quality of printing has become an important standard to check the book quality of publishers, in the face of digital publishing technology, how to improve the quality of book printing, this has become an important issue to be solved. The rapid development of IT industry, the integration of advanced technology and printing technology of other industries, the improvement of the quality of book printing with the new technology of digital publishing is the only route for the development of publishing institutions, and also the opportunities and challenges faced by publishing organizations.