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How Should A High-end Gift Box Be Designed?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

As children's status in the family rises, children's "quality of life" is also rapidly increasing, and gifts for children are becoming more expensive and trendy. In order to match the gift, the gift box should pay attention to shape, color and pattern. At this stage, children's curiosity and imitative desire are strong, their concentration is not concentrated, and the level of abstract thinking is not high; therefore, the color should be vivid and varied, and the pattern should be large, deformed or exaggerated, such as various cartoon characters. The packaging should be as small as possible to avoid hurting the child's body.

For the Chinese people, our packaging design should follow the needs of the market and consumers, gift packaging design because they are relatively picky about gift packaging, both practical and artistic, both scientific and popular. Middle-aged people are quick to respond to things, and all kinds of new information are captured quickly. They like to be unconventional and imitative. Therefore, the packaging of gifts must be rich in design, color and pattern, avoiding obsolescence and dullness. The needs of young people.

When designing gift boxes for women, we should consider the different standards for gift packaging for women and men; women pay more attention to details in the gift packaging, and the female psychology tends to be softer and richer in packaging design. Such as pink, orange, etc., highlighting the artistic and popular; the gift packaging can also be accompanied by a bow tied with a ribbon.

When customizing the packaging of a product for the elderly, the design should be simple and solemn, easy to carry and use, and have certain tradition and practicality. Most of the gifts for the elderly are food tonics, etc. The packaging pattern should be simple and the text should be clear.