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Calendar Calendar Printing Design Flow
- Dec 01, 2017 -

1. First, we need customers to clear the theme calendar calendar display, so that the design is more clear, the overall style is easy to grasp
2. Customers are required to provide the pictures to be displayed and related text descriptions, as well as enterprise logos and some image elements related to the enterprise.
3. Needs the customer clear calendar desk number, generally is 13 pages, also has 7 pages, 13 page opposite general has the function of the Notepad, also has the enterprise related introduction, this piece of space customer may according to own need to customize.
4. Needs the customer to provide the paper the demand, is generally 157 grams of coated papers, can be peritoneum, there is Matt also have high light, this by the customer choice.
5. Customers are required to provide the total number of finished printing.