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The point, line, and face of a jewellery display.
- Dec 01, 2017 -

Point, is the smallest element in the visual arts, the point in the jewelry display design can be a small part, can also be a large body, in the jewelry display design, the point can form the state of polymerization diffusion, constitute the visual center sense.
Line, which is the trajectory formed by the movement of the dots, is also the boundary of the surface, the line in the jewelry display design is the form of the structure of the body, the number and direction of the form and texture of different, it can make jewelry display environment more rhythmic.
Surface, is the result of the movement of the line, only the length and width, but no thickness, face in the jewelry display design is the composition of space, and the surface of a variety of components can constitute three-dimensional, so the surface can also bring a wealth of space performance.