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The color order of the gift box
- Dec 01, 2017 -

(1) The first printing mesh, after printing lines, field. When the gift box has four-color overprint halftone image, there are text, field patterns, lines, in order to ensure accurate overprinter, reduce the impact of paper expansion, should first print mesh, and then print lines, field, and can identify primary and secondary, first difficult after easy.
(2) First printing deep color, after printing light color. Because the light color ink hiding force, placed in the back of Overprint, a little misregister, also not easy to detect, Overprinter effect is good.
(3) If you encounter a whiteboard paper, cardboard. Kraft paper, such as uneven water content, wrinkle unevenness, poor surface strength caused by poor powder, hair, can be first to print a water to solve the monochrome printing quality accident.