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Gift Box Making Technology
- Dec 01, 2017 -

1. Design, according to the requirements, culture, as well as the characteristics of products, etc., design a pattern.
2. Handmade Bamboo Basket Packaging, pure original ecology, design novel, rugged and durable, low-carbon environmental protection, can be widely used in fruit, fungi, eggs, food, cured products such as agricultural deputy specialty packaging.
3. Choose cardboard, the general gift box cardboard is cardboard or long cardboard to do. High-grade wine packaging and gift packaging carton.
4. Printing, gift box is only used for printing paper, laminating paper is not printed, the most is only dyeing, because the gift box is the outer packaging boxes, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color differences, ink, bad version of these affect the aesthetic shortcomings.
5. Surface Treatment, gift box packaging paper usually do surface treatment, the common is the light glue, over the matte, UV, over the oil, Matt Oil.
6. Beer, beer is the printing process of the more important link, to the beer must be the knife mold to do, if the beer is not allowed, the beer will continue to affect the subsequent processing.
7. Mounted, the usual printed matter is first mounted after the beer, but the gift box is the first beer mounted, one is afraid to make the flower wrapping paper, the second is a gift box to pay attention to the overall beauty, gift box laminating must be handmade, this can reach a certain beauty.