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Difference between ordinary gift box and folding gift Box
- Dec 01, 2017 -

In fact, ordinary gift boxes and folding gift box in the design style and box-style is the same series, but the production process of the box is obviously different.
The former belongs to the ordinary clamshell gift box, is used for cosmetics, health products, jewelry, high-grade food, red wine and other types of packaging products, and folding the flip box, in the box making, made some adjustments.
Ordinary inner box bottom and four sides usually using the same thickness of gray sheet paper, and folding the flip box, the bottom of the box is slightly thinner than the four sides of the paper jam, in order to fold, adjusted folding box, the bottom of the box is only part of the plate with the adhesion of the panel, the other parts are glued to the double-sided glue and Pave, Use only need to tear double-sided adhesive and bonding, that is to become the usual use of flip-box, this production process adjustment, so that gift box transport damage rate and transport costs are greatly reduced, particularly suitable for long-distance transport needs of customers.

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